The Love Story

I first met my husband, Eric, when we were in the fifth grade. Now he says he fell for me at that time but did he really? (haha) We went all through elementary, junior high, and high school together but never dated. He was on the State Champion Baseball team and I was in the band – Go Byng Pirates! After graduating from high school, he joined the Marines and made his life, and I stayed in Ada and made mine. It would be almost 20 years later that our paths crossed at an event my work was putting on. We caught up as much as you can in passing but promised we would do lunch to talk more. What I did get out of our quick passing conversation was that he had moved back to Ada. I knew he had married and had children, so I thought he meant that he and his family had moved back to Ada.

It was a few days later, while on Facebook that I received a personal message from Eric. The message said, and I quote, “when are we going to go on that date?”

Uh, excuse me? Those were the exact words I said in my head. What I replied with was, “uh, I don’t know,” and I didn’t. I walked down the hallway to where a friend was. I sat down, looked at her with a puzzled look on my face, and said, “I think I was just asked on a date – but I’m not sure?” Silly, I know. Another friend in the building was a cousin to Eric, and they were close. I immediately went to her and asked her what’s up with him asking me out – he’s married. She calmed down by saying, “No, he is getting divorced. That’s why he is moving back to Ada.” Now that I had the correct information, I went back to Facebook and sent another message, ” I’m open to going just about anytime, what about you?”

And as the saying goes, the rest is history.


  1. atribecalledmorgangmailcom · February 9, 2020

    So sweet!! God’s plan that you reconnected ♥️


  2. atribecalledmorgangmailcom · February 9, 2020

    So sweet! God’s plan that you reconnected ♥️


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