Carmichael Party of Three and Bruiser
Photo by Sydni LaRae Whitesell

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After the loss of my husband in 2019 everything I knew about my life, family, and where we were headed vanished. One day I woke up with a family and that evening I went to bed as a single parent clinging to my two babies. I like to think I have grown in this role as a single parent, being widow strong (#widowstrong), and leaning into my faith. I still have days where I struggle and cry myself to sleep. But there are fewer than they use to be. I know I have changed – that is just what happens when you lose the love of your life. But, now I hope I look like I am living, wearing a “true” smile, and genuinely laughing.

I’m that mom, like every mom, I wear many hats. I’m also that mom that works to keep a schedule, keep a tidy home, makes a grocery list (only to forget the grocery list), works to be on time, forgets to look at the calendar, and goes overboard at Christmas so that my kids believe in the magic of Christmas. And, because I try to be that mom I sometimes double book myself, never get the house clean enough, forget what I went to the grocery store for, always running late, and get my kids up and dressed for school then realizing – no school.

I continue to discover who I am and I am starting to remember what I enjoy. I believe in the word, storyteller, beader, self-taught crocheter, essential oil girl, Chalk Couture Designer, and like all moms – exhausted.

If another person can learn from my experiences, writing this blog is worth it.


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