Believing in the Magic of Christmas

With the holidays approaching it is time for those of us that tend to go overboard to get ready. Seriously it takes time, planning, and sneaky shopping to get everything ready. Seriously, everything that goes into making Christmas magic does not happen overnight. We just want you to think or “believe” that it does.

When the time comes to get ready for Christmas I have to make it special. I have to make what happens specific to my kids. I mean think about it. Kids talk. If what happens my house also happens at your house the kids will think their parents are “sus”. Am I wrong? I’m going to share with you how I create Christmas Magic.

The first letter from Santa arrives shortly after Thanksgiving. In this letter I include events that happened throughout the year to show that Santa watches ALL THE TIME. I am very particular about what I want the letter to look like from Santa. When I think about Santa I think of the classic looking Santa with the long red coat and embrodied embleshiments.

I found several shops on Etsy that have created an editable letter from Santa (even the elves have their own letterhead). I wanted the one that was written Santa’s letterhead. I even made the envelope with brown craft paper and sealed it with a wax stamp. The wax was red of course. IF your curious there are several sites out there where you can download a free envelope template from miniature to traditional letter size.

During the Christmas season the letters come from the elves so their letters are miniature (remember elves are small).

Now it is time for the elves to show up. I will admit that I did try the “Elf on the Shelf” I will also admit that the elf is creepy looking. I also could not keep up with moving that thing every single night nor could my husband. That elf would stay in one place for days. It got to the point where I had to get creative when telling my kids why the elf hadn’t moved, “well, he is just comfortable where he is” or “he can see the entire room from there” or my husband’s reason, “he’s lazy”.

The first thing I had to do was find my own elf. Not one elf but two. Now, I could not find the elves local meaning I could not go to Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, or Target to get the elves because the kids would put two and two together and realize, “momma bought the elves from ….” because we frequent these places.

ONLINE SHOPPING IT IS! Online shopping is a love-hate relationship. During the holidays I love it because you can find so much! But then I also hate it because the question is, can I get it here in time?

I have a checklist for what I wanted in an elf. It couldn’t be creepy, not too small nor too big, it had to “sit” by itself and not be propped up (Lord help me if that elf were to fall and all the hidden strings were revealed). I found these two on Amazon together!

Now, when the pandemic hit that was a game changer like everyone else I couldn’t take my kids to see Santa and get my bluff in n how he is watching and knows everything that is going on. I chalked it up to Santa needed help because think about it. If we were in a pandemic then I bet the North Pole was too – right? The question now is how was Santa going to see everything that happened? Man, Santa needs a camera system- a Santa Cam. Now, I theorize that if I have thought of it then someone else out there has not only thought of it but created it, therefore, making it easy for me to buy it. I searched on all the online shops but couldn’t find one that suited me. I took my search to Etsy and found this little jewel. Now, there are several shops on Etsy that sell Santa Cams – I suggest you take a look and find the perfect one for you!

I was also able to find on Etsy an editable letter. In the letter, I explained how the camera is to help Santa and the reindeer stay safe and that Santa was asking for help from all the parents since he was not able to travel as much to see the children before Christmas. The letter along with the Santa Cam was the perfect setup!

Now I needed to work on the kids “files”. I loved making these! Since the elves are watching and observing then reporting back to Santa there has to be some way of documenting. I created files for both of my kids. I let my imagination run wild with what the file would include, what it would look like, how big the file would be – my brain was spinning with ideas.

I found a cute shop on Etsy, My Pourch Prints. This shop is amazing! They had exactly what I was looking for! I purchased the Christmas Mini File Folders with the vintage embleishments ( I love that look for Christmas).

What the file included:

  • photo – I selected a candid photo from my cell phone.
  • Information sheet – name, birth date, and a list of their favorites (food, color), etc.
  • Checklist of what has been completed by Santa such as letters from kids received, letters from Santa sent, etc.
  • Checklist for the kid’s behavior, being nice to each other, helping around the house, etc.

In the box are the Santa Cam, the files, and the letter from Santa. Reindeer Food that I found at Hobby Lobby. This year I think I will “make” reindeer food and have the kids help me make it. The letter also says that the elves have already arrived along with the rules.

Elf Rules

  • Do Not Touch the Elf
  • Elf will report to Santa every night
  • The Elves can be held on Christmas Eve only.

The time has come now to deliver everything to my kids. The elves just so show up. I place them somewhere in the living room for the kids to discover. But, when we get home there is a box (a Christmas box from Hobby Lobby) on the door mate. I let the kids get to the door first so they can discover the box before me. Oh, the squeals and smiles that I hear are priceless.

I have included links throughout this blog links of the items I purchased and used to create the magic of Christmas in my home.

If you like this wait till you see what I do for Christmas Eve!

Till next time!

Love and hugs!

Christmas Magic Tools I use

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